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Digital Flow is proud to present it's latest Exhibition, "Untitled".

Red Cross by 3abden Recantation by 3abden Portrait of Woe by Dawn42 The Sanctuary by dEJavu-1 Sweet sweet way by HumanLG Black Fire Upon Us by ErikShoemaker Mumbling by HumanLG I Have DF On My Chest by Rockfield
Just a few of the works you'll find in Exhibition 7 on digital flow.

Click here to view exhibition

This theme allowed our old as well as new artists to create their own work not based on a certain theme and has allowed our artists to show their skills and talents and what they are really capable in creating, and we could not be more proud of the outcome of this exhibition with 49 works by a total of 26 artists world wide.

During this exhibition, we have also had the pleasure of "Guest Artists" contributing to Untitled, and would like to personally thank Nicolas Baroille (departed), Erik Schumacher (kire) and Ulbe Sijbesma (Ulbe) for accepting to be a guest artist and contributing greatly to the exhibition.

:icontheunknownbeing: :iconerikshoemaker: :iconpdgfx:

With the release of Untitled, the digital flow administrators and creative directors would like to showcase John Dykstra (Why), who has contributed to the pack in more ways than one. Firstly being the contribution of stunning photography work and audio work. With photography like "Detroit" and "Fishbone" it is hard not to notice John as a talented artist, with a great eye for interesting and amazing shots. Don't forget to read our interview with John Dykstra.

In-depth Interview, read here.

Of course, with every exhibition, we choose a selection of what we believe to be some of the best work submitted to the exhibition. Our administrators and creative directors had a long discussion about this, and took every aspect into consideration. We came up with our final decisions so don't forget to really check out these artists and submissions. Erik Schimacher and Micael Powers (Powers) with their collaborative submission entitled "Black Fire Upon Us". Our featured artist, John Dykstra with photography submission, "Fishbone". Rtn with another photo titled, "Addict to Create". One of our newest artists, Pablo Jeffer Da Silva (Rockfield) with his "I have digital flow on my chest". Finally Luc Reinders with "The Golden Floor".

From all of us here at digital flow, we hope you enjoy our latest exhibition as much as we enjoyed creating it.

View Exhibition

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Digital Flow VII - Untitled

Fri Mar 5, 2010, 8:52 AM

Exhibition VII

It's released, finally. Called Untitled. Click here to view.

Click the image above to view the pack.

Don't forget to check our in-depth interview with our featured artist, John Dykstra (aka Why) by clicking here!

Digital Flow Staff

Here is the staff list of DF. Also view it on our site here!


Adminstrator / Webmaster

Creative Directors
:iconsos-k: :icon3abden: :iconmark-flammable:

:iconrtn: :iconfers: :iconsteam10: :iconrockfield: :iconmagicalviper: :iconsmiling-demon:
:iconsebasti4n: :icondonut007: :iconqaos: :iconlum1neuz: :icondawn42: :iconsixty3:
:iconpowers05: :icondiegodp: :iconStangeProgram: :iconintoadaze: :iconjotfs: :iconzocafx:
:iconrobshields: :iconarkhenz: :iconmatheuslol: :iconcameraguyy: :iconswitchdesigns: :iconblackjonc:
:iconencoretheangel: :iconmrshinyredplanet: :iconxtasik: :iconshade-fallen-gfx: :iconfonm: :iconhumanlg:
:icondejavu-1: :iconelsohnschon: :icondiiscovery:

Don't forget to follow us on our twitter over at

Digital Flow Group

DF Group on dA - digital-flow | Journal designed for digital flow.


Official DF Blog Skin

Fri Feb 19, 2010, 3:58 PM

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Curabitur laoreet est nisi, in lobortis metus.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi nec turpis eros. Curabitur tellus mauris, viverra id volutpat sed, tristique ac sem. Aenean ante ipsum, molestie nec scelerisque eu, ornare eget quam. Quisque bibendum consectetur mattis? Suspendisse ornare, sapien nec tincidunt ullamcorper, lorem nisi laoreet neque; et sagittis nisi enim sit amet sapien. Nulla massa sem; interdum vel ullamcorper eget, hendrerit non libero. Phasellus in ante id leo ullamcorper vehicula in non tellus. Suspendisse potenti. Quisque in pellentesque augue. Aliquam erat volutpat. Vestibulum convallis tincidunt porta. Praesent viverra dui sed neque scelerisque ullamcorper. Integer tempus nisi vitae massa convallis suscipit a vitae est.

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SET by NKeo After the winter by merl1ncz SILVER NIGHT by shadyau
Bad bad Fishy by Norke Perpetuum by tomasbrechler Torque by poisonvectors

Digital Flow Group

DF Group on dA - digital-flow | Journal designed for digital flow.


New CSS + DF 7

Sat Jan 30, 2010, 6:58 PM


A what? A new CSS Journal? Check it out

Hey look! I have another new CSS Journal Skin. This CSS Journal Skin is based on a design for the Digital Flow Blog, which we may or may not do, we would like to get some thoughts on this first.

DF 7

Wanna see something awesome? Thanks lum1neuz | DF Pack 7 is coming soon!

Image courtesy of lum1neuz  | All Rights Reserved to lum1neuz and

This images is not to be used, copied, distributed, or modified in any other way, apart from the original artist and the people he give permission to.


Taken from my random favorites cuz I'm feeling lazy

Break Out by mark-flammable the smell of salt air by foureyes  so obvious. by AnjaRoehrich
Things Too Visable To See by AnjaRoehrich

Mature Content

Revealed By Stefan Rappo by GwenaAiles
:thumb78987780: Cold Colours by Saibz Right Round by Saibz
build by god by bloodyslash WE'RE AT WAR II by Destin8x Alcohol by EIII
Fifth Floor by bionfant GODSend by latv1a
Episode One by MNLboy NOSTALGIA by 1ALPHA1 Fibonacci by Cl3tuS
Dandelion Wine by anna-earwen slowly by waugh Spring by lunaanette
she got upgrades by neilakoga Its Rhytm by LJ-JUN Uni by starfantazy
Salz and The City by vega0ne A near future by merl1ncz zombie by zilla774
Invisible Hotrod by Dreamyvolver Insanity Inside Me by merl1ncz Yojne by eigenI
:thumb125992250: Aeiko v7 promo and Cap+design by pete-aeiko :thumb92830058:
Pro-Created by mnc123 Leave in style by RIPIX My first skin I by on-my-lips

Digital Flow Group

DF Group on dA - digital-flow | Super Group coming soon!


Digital Flow Pack 7 and dA Group

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 26, 2010, 3:54 PM

Digital Flow CSS

This is the Official Digital Flow CSS which will be released to the public pretty soon. Watch out for it!

Pack 7

Image courtesy of lum1neuz | All Rights Reserved to lum1neuz and</u>
This images is not to be used, copied, distributed, or modified in any other way, apart from the original artist and the people he give permission to.

dA Group

Digital Flow now has a dA Group, we will be upgrading it to a super group soon. Watch us, join us. Any digital flow artists should join a contributor.


We also have a twitter account, follow us on twitter - digital_flow

DigitalFlow Exhibition 4

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 10, 2009, 4:20 PM
:bulletblack: Exhibition IV
So I'm a bit late in saying about this, but better late than never right? The fourth exhibition from has been released, it's titled Scientia Potentia Est. The exhibition contains 40 works which consist of 29 art works, 9 photography, 1 audio and 1 video.

Scientia Potentia Est is a famous Latin phrase which translated into English pretty much means "Knowledge is Power" - it's main meaning was to imply that one with knowledge or education will have their potential and abilities increased. That's the short of it anyway.

To view the pack, click this link.

:bulletblack: Exhibition IV - Works
The below thumbs are works submitted on dA for the exhibition.

Good vs Evil by degodson Knowledge is in books by flzzy
Train of thought by StrangeProgram :thumb128909485:

Just in case you're interested, applications are open to become an artist at digitalflow, just head on over to the forums by clicking here.

Journal CSS By dot-Silver
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Free .dA v6 Unofficial v2

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 29, 2009, 5:09 PM
:bulletblack: Lorem ipsum
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut ac augue non urna vestibulum vulputate at a nisl. Donec in tortor ipsum, id bibendum orci. Nullam at nisi nec lectus mattis ullamcorper vehicula eget lorem. In et lacinia orci. Fusce ac pharetra leo. Sed non tellus eu justo adipiscing vehicula ut eu felis. Morbi auctor imperdiet justo nec condimentum. Mauris rhoncus luctus massa, vel malesuada est iaculis id. Aenean et eros in arcu dignissim cursus. Duis interdum, tortor id mattis ullamcorper, justo tellus porta est, quis luctus nulla justo ac nulla. Maecenas ut ipsum nulla. Ut diam magna, semper eget ullamcorper nec, tempor et diam. Nulla ac tortor nisl.

Maecenas ultricies luctus mattis. Pellentesque eu arcu nisl, a vestibulum ligula. Etiam est tortor, fringilla vel facilisis vitae, suscipit non massa. Nulla mattis nisl eu odio imperdiet pretium. Fusce accumsan mattis tellus quis ultrices. Nulla at quam ipsum. Fusce elementum quam id lorem ultrices mattis. Ut eu est et turpis tempus sagittis eget eu nunc. Morbi mattis ipsum ut augue iaculis rhoncus. Sed non magna ut eros dignissim faucibus in in neque. Donec nec augue augue. Duis nec quam neque. Nullam fermentum ornare vestibulum.

:bulletblack: Features
:thumb101988330: Cortar by doll-lucci
Chrysanthemum Series 4.5 by DARK0NA Luna Moth by Emerald-Depths
Fly Away by liquidtheoryinc :thumb97576552:

Journal CSS By dot-Silver
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General Update

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 11, 2009, 2:01 PM
I don't know if you know about the digital art group, - if not then you do now, I was in it when it first came out, but I quit due to quitting digital art. I am now back on the staff list for digitalflow and my position is Webmaster.

At this moment, the site is using a flash design, I have made a completely new design for the site and I am currently in the middle of coding the new site. So if you do know the site, look forward to a new look coming soon! If you don't know it, you should check it out, it has some pretty decent art work on there.

Inactive & Holiday
I have been rather inactive in the past couple of weeks, this was due to getting a new ps3 game called inFamous, if any one does have a ps3 and got this game, then you should know why I've been inactive, it's only one of the best games released on the ps3 so far excpet CoD: Modern Warfare.

On a side note, I will be going on holiday starting sunday for 2 weeks, so I'll be inactive then, which is rather annoying since I've just got through around 140 deviations today in my watch list. I will be staying near Malaga in the costa del sol, hopefully I'll turn brown instead of red.

so obvious. by AnjaRoehrich Memories of Summer by zemotion

Mature Content

INK by ekud

Right Round by Saibz Aeiko v7 promo and Cap+design by pete-aeiko :thumb125036372:

Journal CSS By dot-Silver
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.dA v6 Unofficial Skin

Journal Entry: Tue May 19, 2009, 5:26 PM
Unofficial Skin
Another new journal skin. I created this in planning of releasing it for others to install. I created the skin with the current version of dA in mind, trying to create a clean, effective skin to match the look of dA.

I'm afraid that the skin is a fixed width, it was the easiest way of creating these text boxes without loads html div tags being used, it's fixed at 508px which is a fair amount of space if you think about it. You will also find at the bottom of this journal a live example of the "Doing now" - such as Listening To, Reading, Watching, etc. Just to give you an example of what it would look like, it looks good both at the bottom and at the top.

I need to go so just a few features to leave you with.
Wine by ASQ pigtails by theluckynine :thumb104832811:
:thumb118445328: Dreamer by Krapivka2007 almost sadness by LonelyPierot

Journal CSS By dot-Silver
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Journal CSS

Journal Entry: Thu May 14, 2009, 5:55 PM

A New Journal CSS?

Say hello to a new journal css. I know, I know, I have been none too active over the last couple of months, and I can say proudly that I have absolutely no excuse for that.

I have been on and off dA, just checking my message center but I haven't really been done anything on here, so I thought I would take a look around, starting with the forum and news, when I realised that a new feature has been added for premium members. The new CSS exchange feature, which is good to see since it was suggested by a deviant member - VisualFour - so nice one VisualFour!

I saw this and I just thought, I haven't made a new css journal in a while, so here is one. I am actually also thinking of releasing it in the journal skins section, so others can use it. Tell me what you think of it? I was thinking of maybe adding a column on the right, to make it a two column skin, any suggestions?


dA Groups

Did you know that dA have made their first official group account? It's the latest poll on dA, so you can cast your vote if you knew or not, but unfortunately they didn't put an option for "Yes, but I don't care for this particular group."

I would like to hear your thoughts on this, do you reckon it's a good thing that dA are introducing proper formal groups or do you think they should have just stuck to how groups are currently created (by creating a new member account on dA?)

Others have also said that dA is becoming too much like myspace and facebook, what do you think? Is it becoming too much like social networking rather than an art community site, let's hear your thoughts please.

    Journal CSS Suggestions by VisualFour the smell of salt air by foureyes GAYADUO by rtn

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The second edition of features is on Wallpapers with a theme of nature. As the popular archive wallpaper site started by Jesar says

"Designers and developers spend about 90% of their waking life in front of a computer so the most appealing genre for a wallpaper would be one that has beautiful design mixed with the all important aspect of being outdoors."

CRWS by imrik Northu by faros Step forward little Tommy by dopaminart
Woodland by zilla774 Tiny World by Jesar

Mature Content

Lush by Shinybinary

:thumb73650654: ARTIFICIAL by tigaer Open Source by Ethernity
Route 66 -XL by nuaHs Where Time Sleeps by sambees Watching The Heavens Fall by javierocasio
A Dreamy World 64th by CaptureAYE The Whale by RIPIX Silence of The Storm by xMEGALOPOLISx
___Naturelle2. WP by Bobbyperux Lands of eternal Harmony. by Uribaani :thumb85575609:
The Week Project Complete Pack by mauricioestrella Coastal Sunset by nuaHs
Mystical - award winner by turx Reaching for the Stars by nuaHs Fatamorgana by norbi
Eclipse V. - The fire arch WP by realityDream :thumb80779631: Borealis by pickupjojo
:thumb69947208: Farmland by nuaHs :thumb9082764:
Perished Blue by jti Balloon Ride III by nuaHs The Field by Joker84
Wintus Park of Slumber by Kjherstin Unicorn Kiss by zilla774 Drift by alyn
Euphonia by MCchaz Dandefleurs by Miamoto Colorful Dream by hypnotic
Welcome to the first edition of Silver Features. The first edition is featuring black and white photography (or gray scale as some might call it). Leave a comment what you would like to see features (such as nature art, surreal, etc.)

Just a quick note before the features come, some of the features have nudity.

black white by softwave Black and White by tyt2000 Black and White by oelje
Black and White by Nay9 Apple Black and White by The-Definition :thumb48696563:
Black and White by heavenzchild Waiting In Black and White by overcoming-silence black and white by WiciaQ
Snowy River Black and White by marble911 Black and white by tangytamarind Black passion by GirlishEvil
Black by Habter black white life. by gnato Black rose by dbdaman

Mature Content

Black by SeAn-MX
black rose by Superheroesdeath

Mature Content

black by ABrito

Black And White by Inominatus Black and White by paroulek :thumb73749105:
a black light on the darkness by bosniak Black and White... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria Love is in black and white by leebronte
January Self-Portrait by larafairie white chocolate. by pluschkind
My first skin I by on-my-lips madness.... by HellAngelBaby karma by pekthong

Blog Open For You Only!

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 13, 2008, 3:44 PM
Blog Open?

The blog I've been bantering on about is open for those who read this journal only, the main site is pretty much done, I just need to do the contact page.

But the blog is open for you only. Below is the link to it.

dotSilver Blog

What can we do?

Well maybe you would like to know what you can do before you go to the blog, we'll, there are three main articles posted, depending on what you like, they may or may not interest you. But more on this a lil bit later.

For now I would like to say to you about one of the best features. This is a copy and paste from the front page of the blog, a notice that is at the top of the page.

"That's right! There is no registration required on this site in order to comment on the articles or use the contact form. All we do ask for when using forms is a captcha verification, just to make sure you're human since we don't want a load of spam on the site."

So yes, no registration is required on the site, in fact, since this is only at this moment an article blog, there isn't any registration at all, only a tiny admin panel for myself, which I am going to be working on a proper admin panel and an area for those who have been interested in writing articles for the site.

Three articles

Best in CSS Designs
So the first article is going to on inspiration, this is a showcase article featuring a wide range of css web designs. So here is a nice long list of websites with some amazing website designs.

Tableless Forms with CSS
Maybe you have, or haven't noticed, but a lot of the css only, table-less forms available for download aren't very great. With this tutorial, you will be learning how to create a form without using any tables, we will be styling our form with css. This includes "positioning" our form elements as well as styling the look.

Photography Showcase - Winter
It's December, we're in Winter, and it's getting towards Christmas, so let's see some of the best of photography in winter and christmas themes. It's not so easy to get an amazing photo out of these type of scenes, since a lot of them can turn out the same or looking bland, so sit back, relax, with a warm cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate and take look at the best of winter photography around the net. Feel free to add your own showcases by commenting.

Note that at this time, the comments will not show bbcode, I will be implementing that hopefully tomorrow (Sunday). So still feel free to comment and use the bbcode available, but the elements won't show up until the bbcode has been added.


I would appreciate your thoughts on the blog, and what you think of it, and also note that I am still looking for more people who are interested in writing articles for the blog. This is voluntary.

And Merry Christmas

dotSilver Blog Almost Ready

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 8, 2008, 3:03 PM
dotSilver Blog

I can see what you're thinking! "It was over a month ago since you last said anything about the new site" - well, I kinda have a good explanation about that.

Not even two months ago, I had brought myself a 26" HD LCD TV, then between 3-4 weeks ago I brought myself a Playstation 3, and it came with 3 games, and well, I've just been stuck on the playstation 3, specially with the game Metal Gear Solid 4. So yea, that's my explanation.

But yes, the article/blog site is almost done, and I have 4 articles posted so they are up on the site when it's released.

I just need to add some tid-bits to the code and add the comment system now. Then it's done.


I would like to ask if anyone would like to help out on the blog, writing articles for it. Though please note that it would be voluntary and not be paid. The articles can be from tutorials, to software information/reviews, to showcases/features, etc. anything really.

The blog is a web development and art blog, all I ask is that you are fairly experienced in writing articles. If you are interested, just send us a note or comment here.

and happy holidays!

New Journal, New Site

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 25, 2008, 3:37 PM

As you can (hopefully) see I have a new journal css. This journal is mimicking that of my new work-in-progress website,, I was originally going to have it as a portfolio. But now I've changed my mind to have it as a blog for development, designs, inspiration, tutorials, etc.

The website at this moment isn't online, I have just completed the main base coding (the main look of it and structure, etc.).


So as I said above, it's going to be a blog for development, designs, inspiration, tutorials, etc. So what are we actually talking about here?

Articles relating to the development, issues, hacks, tips, etc. on PHP, Javascript, CSS, XHTML, etc. Anything related to web programming that is not a tutorial.

This will be the development of art based applications (such as photoshop, flash, etc.) and featuring artwork in big loads, as well as featuring certain types of artwork/photography/etc.

This would be featured web designs to give creative juices back to web designers. The designs here would be from css sites to flash sites to plain xhtml sites, etc.

The How-To section is the tutorials section, and I'm sure you all know what tutorials are. This category will be my own written tutorials and also links to a collection of tutorials.

Articles written to notify visitors about tools and resources to make their life easier. These could be from colour pickers, to domain checkers, to pretty much everything.

Well that's all I have to say, I have uploaded a screenshot in my gallery of a live preview of what my site will look like. It's not all completely the same as this journal :p

Going ons

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 12, 2008, 10:52 AM


I haven't really been active in the past week because I have been on holiday, and I still am. I go back home tomorrow. Not much to say but it's been a good week, and relaxing.


Not much to say on magicka, but I haven't said on here that magicka has a completely new forum, a big upgraded forum from the last one. At this moment, I'm currently doing a new artists section, which the applications system is being incorporated in, as well as a new image viewer. All 3 will be released at the same time.


No, I'm not quitting deviantart, but I am quitting digital art, kind of. I may still do some but I won't be doing much at all. I would like to concentrate a lot more on web development, which I must say, I enjoy doing a lot more. I'll also continue doing winamp skins, infact myself and invaderjohn should be creating a winamp skin together for his newest suite. He will be doing the interface design, and I will be doing the coding.

That's all folks.

Magicka Studio has been down for over a month and returned on Saturday 26th July. We have returned with a new version of magicka with much more functionality plus a the latest event release titled Technologize.

Over the past days, magicka has and still is in beta so we can iron out bugs, etc and we are now up to v2 beta2. We would like to get the public more involved with magicka, therefor we've started up a poll. The poll at the moment is about the new magicka, but eventually we'll be having certain topics and also ways in which we can know what you want on magicka.

To visit the new magicka, click here.

Technologize is our 13th event release, and is by far our best and biggest event.

We have over 40 submissions from about 25 artists. I would like to say congratulations to the following artists, who have one of their submissions featured.

merl1n, dece (adry-adz), vezeta, donut007, neil_akoga, mnmlst, kire and brodi (bloodyslash)

And big congrats to neil_akoga who is the events featured artist, neil has recently joined magicka, and he blew us away with his submissions for technologize. An interview with him is up on magicka, he was interviewed by Ulbe (pdgfx).

Visit Magicka.
View the event.
Read the interview.

Magicka v2 Beta

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 25, 2008, 3:05 PM

Magicka V2 Beta

The magicka-studio server went back online this afternoon, and the new magicka-studio + new event, which is titled Technologize was released.

Please note that this is magicka is in beta so you may (and a probable will) encounter bugs or unfinished sections to the site, and I urge you to contact me about any bugs you find.


I'm in a bit of a rush so I'll quickly say about technologize, we spent just over 2 months on this event, we're all proud of the work that has gone into the event and the pieces. With over 40 submissions, it's by far our biggest event, as well as our best.

We have 8 featured submissions which are by the following artists: merl1n, dece, vezeta, donut007, neil, mnmlst, kire and brodi.

We're happy to say that our featured artist is neil, we have an interview ready, and will be added to the site very soon.

Unify Journal

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 22, 2008, 4:14 PM


This journal is still in construction. A CSS Journal that's in the making, it's being called Unify and may be made for a public release. It's a rather complicated journal at first, and I will need to see if I can make it any simpler to code.

The journal still has a lot more work to be done, I still need to do some links on the right hand side (a 2 column journal) - also need to style the text in this content box.

I also need to do the rest of the css for the 2 links at the bottom as well as the mood listings.

On a side note, will be back up on Friday or Saturday, finally.


Right Side

One Month!

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 30, 2008, 8:01 AM

One Month Left!

There is only one month left until I get my first pay at my new job. Just an overview, I'm working full time at my local store, 6 days a week, 39 hours and started in the middle of June (That's why I didn't get paid in June), the pay day in July though, will be a 6/7 week pay which means that there's only a month left until I can pay my bills for - I have also been looking around at other hosting providers, one's that are cheaper and pay annually. I've found a few, and I'll look into these more, they are cheaper, and a lot better.


Damn devwatch is being annoying at the moment. I got behind of deviations by over 200, and for the whole week, I've been trying to get through them all. I get to about 60 left daily and a load more of deviations come up the next day. After this journal, I'm going to try and complete them today, that's 87 deviations.

Oh, and I'll just mention that I'm on a crappy connection.

Alcohol by EIII
revolution 9 by koleman
Moederkoek by Dreamyvolver
Uni by starfantazy
Sleep With Your Feet . . . by sticktoontoyou
Duck feet by szc
bubble unit by endemo

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